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The key to a good studio is that is is a comfortable place to work. We design for acoustic accuracy to support wellbeing, workflow and to minimise fatigue.


Providing a complete service from start to finish; premises searches, project planning, acoustic design, interior design, custom furniture and acoustic features, technical integration, M&E design, construction and installation, project management, commissioning, and training. We can arrange specialist contractors to deliver your project.


Studios are in use for long hours; these are intimate spaces often with no natural light that can prove difficult and oppressive. Poor acoustics result in loss of audio detail which can marr productivity and result in poor end detail and product.

The success of any studio is built on the attention to detail and here we ensure contractors have clear comprehensive instructions and drawings. VA’s project management service provides safeguards, good communication with the client and project team, and tight cost and programme controls keeping the project on track. 






Acoustic Design 

The structure and internal finishes create the acoustic design. Good acoustic design is essential for critical listening. The room dictates the nuance of the recording and what you think is recorded, giving rise to differences in the recording outside the studio. Acoustic treatments and isolation designs are essential for accurate recordings, to avoid noise ingress and egress. We provide acoustic tests and reports at the beginning and end of construction to identify issues and validate the final room performance.


Technical Integration

Technology gallops on at pace, is complex and always advancing. We have partners in this arena to provide seamless integration and bring their wealth of expertise and knowledge to your project.  


Project Management

Project Management avoids headaches, saves delays and costs. Essential detailed knowledge about every aspect of the project and good communication with all involved is needed. With 50 years experience we understand studio projects, how all the parts slot together, budget control, procurement and subcontractor designs. We identify risks and mitigate issues through regular on site support and reporting so everything runs as smoothly as possible and the end result meets expectation. 





Interior Design

Functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics that inspire are important for comfort and the creation of great sound. Attention to detail is paramount and our designs include custom acoustic features, furniture and finishes using materials that support the acoustics and operation and  capture the essence of your identity.  




Success is in the detail. It is important that construction details  are understood and followed accurately without exception to avoid costly consequences. Working within all facets of construction, we have developed relationships with our construction partners for over 50 years delivering hundreds of projects.



Building Services Design
Every studio needs building services including HVAC (heating, ventilation and airconditioning), power and lighting, security systems, water, drainage, energy, and fire safety. Each has to meet strict standards, regulations, energy savings, and green policies. Over the years we have helped our clients to realise their expectations, working closely with Building Control and landlord to ensure new facilities meet statutory obligations and have their blessing.